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May. 8th, 2010

Katamari Aegis


NAO. Do eeeet.
Raidou and Gouto clean

Kuzunoha Raidou Versus The Lone Marebito: Chapter 7

As always: give credit where credit's due.
Thanks to my friend Hayato for doing the rough translation on this one.

Translation notes:

Sanbonmatsu: Literally, "Three Pine Trees".
Kushinada's name: Literally translated, the kanji would mean "Skewer Snake".
Kushinada's speech: Why hate on me so much, Kushinada? Kushinada has a somewhat informal speech pattern and often uses abbreviated forms of words. There's not much I can do about translating it, since any other way would make her sound too informal.
Shiragiku's name: "White chrysanthemum".
Shiragiku's speech: Shiragiku has an oddly formal way of speaking, often ending her sentances with "arinsu", which is a dated form of "desu" I would normally associated with high class ladies, but there's a slight sense of modesty to it, as well.
Narumi and the "princess": In the Japanese version, he refers to her as "Ohime-sama", which would be like "Princess-sama"--in other words, high respect, BUT, this is Narumi who's saying it. Since it seems to me quite sarcastic, I left it as just "princess" because of the same sarcastic connotation it can have in the English language.

By the way, I noticed I never did a list of name-ending particles--which I should have, but I was assuming most people reading this would be familiar with the terms. Derp. I'll write a quick note about it here:

A very common honorific, like "Ms." or "Mr." Pretty much used in any situation where you need to be polite.
-Sama: It shows greater respect than that of "san". Used to show such great respect.
-Dono: Has this come up yet? Whatever. It's even higher in respect than sama, and implies utmost respect.
-kun: Usually used at the end of boy's names to show familiarity or friendship. Sometimes used among men to friends, or when addressing someone younger.
-chan: Like "kun", only used for girls, normally. It can be used for little boys, pets, lovers, or just for teasing, and gives a sense of childish cuteness or youth.
-senpai: I don't translate this as sempai. THERE'S NO "M", DAMN IT. Anyways, this is used to address one's senior in a place, like an upperclassman at school or towards someone who has seniority over you.
-kohai: The opposite of senpai, used to address underclassmen.
-Sensei: Used for teachers, doctors, or masters.
-[blank]: One of the most important differences between English and Japanese speech is the lack of a suffix. A lack of an honorific means that the user can address the person in a very intimate or friendly way. Used only by family, spouses, or very close friends--when used without this intimacy, it can be very insulting or rude, sometimes denoting no respect to the other person.

May. 6th, 2010

Raidou and Gouto clean

Kuzunoha Raidou Versus The Lone Marebito: Chapter 6

Translation notes:
Mokoi's attack: "Hawk Round Shot". I forgot to label it.
"Take care of yourself": This was a bit tricky to translate. The Japanese phrase is 「自分を大事にする」 or, as Narumi said it, 「自分を大事に言っただろう」, which (roughly) translates literally into "Treat yourself precious", which obviously sounds bizarre in English. A better translation would be to "Take care of yourself"--which can be taken as ignore others and watch over your own back, or just be cautious, which is why Raidou later twists what Narumi said and says, 「自分を大事にったんですか」 (I thought you were going to take care of yourself.) It's one of those phrases I seem to have a hard time putting into English, but I hope you understand.

HACKHACKWHEEZECOUGHCOUGH. It seemed like I was never going to post for a while, huh? I was planning on posting three chapters over Spring Break like I mentioned in my last post, but I came down with a really nasty cough and ended up tearing a ligament and straining a muscle in my ribs, so I was pretty drained for a while. It's finally healing and I'm not quite as bleeaaaaagh as before, plus school's ending soon, so I can actually just sit down and translate. I'll have chapters 7 and 8 up soon, since those are already translated, and then try and get my friend to work with me to catch up with the rest.
As usual, scanlated by ExtraBlade@Livejournal.com, give credit where credit's due, yada-yada.

Apr. 1st, 2010

Raidou and Gouto clean

Geez, already up to Chapter 11?

Oh. My. Gods.
Spring break is next week. A full week. Me. With my computer. And photoshop. No school, no college worries, no scholarships, and my very own computer in my own room. Which means, I get to actually use a computer for more than internet browsing. So? Why is this update-worthy, you ask?

Because now I have the time--and the photoshop and computer--needed to finish all the Kuzunoha chapters I've translated but haven't been able to complete.

Spring break, and through the course of April, I should have up to chapter seven complete. Eight will be coming soon, and I'll work with a friend to catch up with the series. I'm going to be honest, however; don't expect regular updates. Just don't. I'll translate them eventually.

If I've upset you guys or disappointed you, I'm sorry. But real life takes priority over my internet life, you know?

Jan. 20th, 2010

Raidou and Gouto clean

OMGIT'SANUPDATE! Chapter 5: Kuzunoha Raidou versus The Lone Marebito

This time 'round, once again translated by my friend Hayato since I was so busy. Much thanks to him! Thanks also to Bobalunatic for the orginal raws, though I went and used my own copy since my computer stopped hating me and allowed me to get my own copy. Ignore the ugly gray space on the first and last page; I'll fix that up later.
Per usual, don't steal, claim as your own, yadayadayada. Enjoy. :)
Pages 22 and 23 fixed. Accidentally left a speech bubble blank.










Jan. 15th, 2010

Embaressed Nagi



Dec. 27th, 2009

SMT sd

A slight delay.

Holidays were busy. I'm tired.
My friend who was translating chapter 7 said he won't have it done until around the start of next month. Chapter 5 and 1 are finished, but I wasn't able to finish 6 quite yet.
I would say... End of this week, start of next month? And then it'll be completely caught up, just in time for chapter 8.

I got Odin Sphere and the new Zelda game for Christmas, so if it's any later than what I said, it'll be because of that, no doubt, lol.

Dec. 18th, 2009

Raidou and Gouto clean

Next week, Kuzunoha manga HUGE UPLOAD. But here's some sketch crap while you wait.

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. FINALS ARE FINALLY OVER. WHEEEEEEEE. Here's some speed sketches I did. (Don't recognize the girl in the middle? You will next week when I upload chapters 1, 5-7.) ... WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Dec. 10th, 2009

Raidou "sneer"


If I fail my math final, there is a chance I shall not graduate.

(Special update for the Kuzunoha manga next week [chapter 1], with chapters 5, 6, and 7 to be uploaded by the end of the month.)

Dec. 6th, 2009

Katamari Aegis

Kuzunoha Raidou versus The Lone Marebito, chapter 4 complete (EDIT: Page 14 FIXED)

...and here's the complete version of chapter 4. Once again, thanks to Bobalunatic for the raw scans and my dad for helping to deciphere WHAT THE FRACK FUTSUNUSHI WAS SAYING AT TIMES. Old-style speaking bastard... -grumblegrumble-
(I screwed up on a line in page 14. I fixed it now, but what I orginally wrote was incorrect. He was saying YATSU, not YASHI, in Japanese (Yatsu is an informal way of saying "you"), but I accidentally read it wrong. It's all fixed now. ;___; MY BAD.)

...Kyyyaaaaaah. Raidou is so damn cute. NAGI IS SO DAMN CUTE. They're both so damn cute!
...Ahem. Anyways. Chapter 4, complete. I hope you enjoyed it! Also, even though there are no watermarks this time around, please, give credit where credit is due! kayplzandthxbai.

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